Student Entrepreneur Recognition Night 2013

This past Friday, Lighthouse Ohio sponsored an event called Student Entrepreneurship Recognition Night, at the Shaker LaunchHouse. We had 15 high-school students from several school districts present about their already-thriving companies and what obstacles they overcame to achieve entrepreneurial success at such a young age, showcasing some of the best entrepreneurial ability and talent not only Cleveland, but the entire region has to offer. The students' businesses included a bra company, a floral design company, a sticker company, a clothing company, and the first exclusive science journal for high school students in the world.

Natasha Chornesky, the head of entrepreneurial programming at Hawken School, encouraged and inspired with her keynote speech about how to find accomplishment in the harsh and callous world of entrepreneurship in the real world, and gave us all an intimate understanding of what truly makes a person, student or adult, a business success. These young entrepreneurs already have a distinct advantage in their life by learning about the rigors of starting a business so early and understanding business skills before most. It was amazing to see these students aspire to greatness with business.

Lighthouse Ohio is proud to bring all of these talented minds into one place and event to allow them to share their experiences and knowledge with the community as a whole, and hopes to continue involving the community and high-school students in the entrepreneurial world. Below you can see the photo gallery of the pictures taken for the event.