Student Spotlight: En Kephalos

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For this LEAP Student Spotlight, we are pleased to feature Anamika Veeramani.

Scripps National Spelling Bee champion Anamika Veeramni isn’t your typical teen. She participates in numerous extracurricular activities, is involved in her local community, and plays on the Laurel golf team. Amongst her many impressive endeavors is the founding of a non-profit science journal for high school students called En Kephalos.

Anamika grew up seeing that there was a lot of scientific potential in high school students around the area, but that they were limited to science fairs as their only outlet to showcase their research. So, Anamika decided to take action.

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During her freshman year Anamika came up with the idea of creating a scientific journal specifically for high school students. By the summer of 2012 she launched En Kephalos with a staff consisting mostly of her fellow Davidson Young Scholars. The first summer alone, En Kephalos published numerous articles from students around the country. In order to maintain a high degree of research quality, Anamika formed a multi-level review board that all papers were required to pass through. The review board itself was unique because it not only served the role of judging the submitted papers, but it also helped students improve their papers to reach peer-reviewed quality.

The toughest challenge for Anamika was keeping the journal active during the school year. She found that during the summer she received an influx of papers, but during the school year—since high school students were busy—there were fewer papers being submitted. In order to get more articles published, Anamika began work on expanding En Kephalos’ reach so the publication had a larger pool of students to draw from.


In addition to starting En Kephalos Anamika has made great contributions to the world of science herself. She interned at the Cleveland Clinic for 2 years. Her first year, 2012, she observed 9 surgeries, researched prophylactic mastectomy research, and co-authored a paper entitled “Annals of Surgical Oncology.” In 2013, her second year, she conducted extensive research into post-operative valve degradation and echocardiogram procedures.

After she graduates Anamika plans to go into cardiothoracic surgical medicine and public health administration. While in college she plans to remain involved with En Kephalos, but leave its administration up to high school students so that En Kephalos remains an endeavor in which high school students further each other’s understanding of science.

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