LEAP 2014 – Week 3 Recap

Week 3 focused on technology, and bringing an online presence to the businesses in LEAP.


Day 1: Jordan Castro, Taste Sampling, Jimmy Johns, Mail Chimp.

The LEAP staff kicked off Tech week with a discussion on social media and it’s advantages for new businesses. Cleveland author Jordan Castro, who’s had two books published and been featured in the Wall Street Journal, came in to to talk about how he used social media to get in contact with publishers and after talking to the students he consulted with each team about how they could take advantage of social media to help their businesses.


Day 2: Tech Guru, James Giffords, Launchrock, Google Analytics,  In-Depth Business Model Canvas

LaunchHouse’s resident “techspert”, James Giffords, talked to students about creating a website for their companies. He taught students how to make a landing page and take advantage of google analytics in order to see web traffic. After lunch, students proceeded to purchase domains and create their websites.


Day 3: LeanDog, Walnut Wednesdays, Planning Time

Day 3: The LEAP staff and students took a field trip to Lean Dog located in downtown Cleveland. Lean Dog is a startup company, housed on a boat, that works primarily with tech companies. After students took a tour of Lean Dog they learned that even advanced startups use the Lean Startup Method that’s been the focus of the LEAP program. Students were then treated to lunch from the food trucks at “Walnut Wednesday’s.” After returning to the LaunchHouse students were given free time to work on their products.


Day 4: Graphic design, Created Logos

LightHouse co-founder Samir—himself a graphic designer—talked about the importance of graphic design and having a proper logo for a company. After a presentation and activity, students were asked to create logos with the help of Samir. By the end of the day almost every team had a functional logo.

IMG_8052 IMG_8055

Day 5: Report outs, Business Model Canvas, Branding

In the morning Dr. Bob went through the business model canvas once again with each team to make sure that they were all able to complete the canvas. Student were then given until lunch to work on their report outs for the day. After lunch Nick Pavlak, founder and CEO of Babl Media, came in to discuss the importance of branding for businesses. After watching each team’s report out, Nick suggested a possible branding plan based on each team’s target customers.